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About us

ACEWORK, as one of the professional tools & hardware suppliers and exporters in China, offers various tools under testified quality, including laser tools, cordless tools, power tools, water pumps, welding machines, generators, accessories, etc.

Investments and cooperation:
To ensure the quality and low cost, we mainly invested and cooperated with several companies and factories. We'd like to improve our business with customers and suppliers as one union team.

YIWU JIUZHONG TRADE CO., LTD, own branch trading company focus on exporting, trading and logistics.

Power tools factories we have invested and cooperated, are located in the hardware center of China,Yongkang,Zhejiang,  they are producing angle grinders, drill, impact drills for us.

We also invested into direct current tools series, their factories are located in another hardware center in Nantong city, supplying us cordless drills, cordless angle grinders, cordless hammer drills.

Experience and main markets:
For more then 9 years of exporting business, we had gained main market as Europe,South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa. Top selling markets are listed asVietnam, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, Ecuador, Chile, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,etc.

Customers and partners:

Company structure:


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