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Classification of power tools

Power tool is a kind of tools that uses a small electric motor or an electromagnet as power to drive a working head through a transmission mechanism. Power tools have many tools, complete functions, easy to carry, simple to use, have been widely used in various industries, and have entered the family. According to the functions and uses of power tools, they can be divided into the following nine categories:

1.Mental cutting tools: Electric drill, cut-off machine, reciprocating saw, multi-function saw, electric clippers, electric tapper and so on.

2.Grinding tools: Angle grinder, bench grinder, flexible shaft grinder, die grinder, sander, polisher etc..

3.Assemble tools: Impact wrench, electric screw driver, electric pull setter etc..

4.Construction tools: Impact drill, rotary hammer, demolition hammer, marble cutter, concrete vibrator, electric threading machine etc..

5.Woodworking tools: Electric planer, jig saw, electric router, circular saw, electric chain saw etc..

6.Railway tools: Railway impact wrench, tie drill, tie demolition hammer etc..

7.Farm tools: Electric tea picking machine, electric shearing machine etc..

8.Mine electric tools: Electric rock drill etc..

9.Other tools: Electric air pump, electric cloth cutter.

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