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Dazu, hardware tools industry bases in China

One of the obvious characteristics of China's hardware tools industry is the industrial clustering development. With the development and progress of social economy, this industrial cluster will be more prominent. Let's follow the distribution of hardware tools products and the development of these clusters in the future through a brief introduction of several representative hardware industry clusters in China's hardware tools industry.


Dazu, Chongqing city

Dazu is the "Hardware Capital of the West". Dazu makes every effort to promote the construction of Dazu Hardware Science and Technology City and the industrial core area of Dazu Industrial Park. At present, the hardware innovation service center, testing center, heat treatment center, e-commerce center, practitioners training center and other public service platforms have been built. The hardware science and Technology Industrial Park covering 450 Mu has been constructed. Dazu has also built a hardware incubator park, in addition, the county has attracted Zhejiang businessmen to invest 600 million yuan to build a hardware industry park.


Through years of development, Dazu Hardware has formed more than 20,000 specialized households of hardware manufacturing enterprises in 16 townships and 30 specialized villages, with Longshui Town as the center. By the end of 2009, there are more than 110,000 employees in Dazu. The total output value of hardware industry is 6.3 billion yuan, accounting for 57.4% of the total industrial output value of the county; the market transaction value is 5.5 billion yuan and the transaction volume is more than 13 billion yuan. Ten thousand tons, ranking second in the same kind of market in China and first in the west. By 2012, the output value of the hardware industry here will exceed 26 billion yuan; by 2020, the output value will be 100 billion yuan. Dazu hardware products cover 12 categories, more than 200 varieties and more than 2000 designs of daily hardware, tool hardware, building hardware and marine hardware, and a large number of well-known hardware brands have emerged.


Dazu speeds up the construction of hardware logistics park, striving for the output value of hardware logistics industry to reach 10 billion yuan. Dazu has built up a hardware market group which integrates modern logistics, processing agent, warehousing management and commodity trading. It covers an area of 380,000 square meters, has an operating area of 182,000 square meters, and has 130 logistics and distribution enterprises. It has become one of the largest, most complete and most radiated hardware commodity trading and distribution centers in Western China. Active hardware market group (Dazu hardware market in 2010 turnover of more than 5 billion yuan, trading volume of more than 1.3 million tons, ranking second in the same market in the country, the first in the west. In addition, the Dazu Hardware Foreign Trade Market has a broad market, 12 enterprises in the county have the right to self-export, and Dazu Hardware products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions.) Provides the County Hardware producers with sufficient raw materials, and provides them with rich market information for the national sales channels. Now Dazu has become the largest hardware product distribution center in southwest China and a famous brand in Chongqing.


In recent years, Dazu Party Committee and County Government attaches great importance to the brand building of hardware market. In the aspect of strengthening market supervision, the county Party committee and county government attaches great importance to establishing the brand of small hardware industry in Dazu as a key work of serving local economic development. It not only guides operators to change their ideas, actively apply for registered trademarks, but also provides trademark consultation, registration and transfer services for operators. At present, Dazu has 247 registered trademarks of hardware, accounting for 33.2% of the total registered trademarks in the county. Shenzhen Needle (Ship Parts) and Jinzhong (Tool) trademarks have become well-known trademarks in Chongqing. Yonghong, Xiangfeng, Qingrong and other hardware trademarks are also actively striving to pass the famous trademark appraisal and recognition.


In October 2005, the National Hardware Industry Productivity Promotion Center awarded Dazu the title of "Hardware Capital of Western China". To this end, the municipal government made a decision on promoting the development of the hardware industry in Dazu, and comprehensively implemented the plan for the revitalization of the hardware industry in Dazu. Leaders of Chongqing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government often go deep into the investigation and research of Longshui Hardware Market Group in Dazu, and give specific guidance to the work, requiring Dazu Hardware Industry to take science and technology as the guide, strengthen the scale of hardware industry; strive to establish an open and perfect modern market system; take market as the carrier, speed up the construction of public service platform, and strive to cultivate well-known brands, so as to make the hardware industry become Chongqing. The City publicizes a business card to the outside world. Chongqing Municipal Government also clearly pointed out that in the future, the whole city will focus on cultivating 8 billion yuan market, and Longshui Hardware Market Group in Dazu has a great potential for development. Eleven departments, such as Chongqing Development and Reform Commission, Foreign Economic Commission and Commerce Commission, jointly supported industrial planning, technological innovation, financing services, market development and brand cultivation.

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