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Qidong, hardware tools industry bases in China

One of the obvious characteristics of China's hardware tools industry is the industrial clustering development. With the development and progress of social economy, this industrial cluster will be more prominent. Let's follow the distribution of hardware tools products and the development of these clusters in the future through a brief introduction of several representative hardware industry clusters in China's hardware tools industry.

Qidong, Jiangsu

Qidong is located at the mouth of the Wanli Yangtze River, in the middle of the eastern coastline of China, the eastern end of Jiangsu, the Yellow Sea to the East and north, the Yangtze River to the South and the water to the three sides. It resembles a peninsula and integrates the golden coast with the golden waterway.

At present, Qidong is known as "Silicon Valley of Electric Tools" and "Town of Electric Tools". It is the largest base of Electric Tools in China, which integrates specialization, scale and modernization. It has become another city card of Qidong. In recent years, Qidong's power tool manufacturing enterprises, centered on Lvsigang Town, have gathered rapidly and developed rapidly, forming a relatively complete power tool industry chain. At present, there are more than 400 Qidong Electric Tool Manufacturing Enterprises, which have the reputation of "one in three worlds" in the domestic electric tool industry.

Electric tool industry is a characteristic industry rising in the process of opening to the outside world and economic leapfrog development in Qidong. It is also the industry with the most comparative advantage and export potential. In recent years, the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to the development of the electric tool industry and the cultivation of export bases. They have issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of the Export Base of Electric Tools in our city. They have made clear the support standards for overseas market development, overseas trademark registration, patent application, system certification, product certification, scientific and technological innovation and brand building. With Tianfen Town, Lvsigang Town and Zhaomin Town as the center, Qidong Electric Tool Manufacturing Enterprise has developed rapidly, which has formed the trend of industrial agglomeration, cluster and extension development. It has become the main production area of electric tools in China and occupies half of the domestic sales.

In order to promote the rapid and healthy development of electric tools industry, Qidong timely adjusts its development ideas and takes positive measures: First, to guide enterprises to set up "aircraft carriers" and build large industries. (The city's Jiangsu Pengda Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is restructured by the former Jiangsu Wanpeng, Nantong Pengda, Qidong Pengcheng and Qidong Dongwen related enterprises, creating the city's first electric tool enterprise "aircraft carrier". After the reorganization of the enterprise, according to the production characteristics, the industrial production responsibility system of spare parts production, installation, research and development, packaging and so on has been implemented, forming a one-stop process of research, production and marketing, effectively improving the market competitiveness. Following Pengda Company, Dongcheng and Guoqiang of Jiangsu Province have put the formation of enterprise groups on the agenda. Through mergers, alliances, restructuring and other forms, we will implement strategic expansion, expand the scale and expand the advantages.

The second is to make high-quality products and create large brands. In order to support the healthy development of the electric tool industry, in recent years, the city insists on developing at one hand and standardizing at the same time, and constantly guides enterprises to carry out technological innovation and enhance the awareness of trademark, brand and quality. Encourage Enterprises above the scale to establish national and provincial electric tool engineering technology centers, vigorously promote cooperation between production, education and research, break through key technologies such as appearance design, quality of parts and components, reliability of the whole machine, focusing on accelerating the development of two new products: battery electric tools and electronic control electric tools, focusing on the key indicators of product efficiency, weight and life. At present, there are 135 registered trademarks for Qidong electric tools. Among them, one is recognized as a well-known trademark in China, six as a well-known trademark in Jiangsu Province, 12 as a well-known trademark in Nantong City, and 11 brand electric tools as a well-known product in Nantong City. "Dongcheng", "DCA", "Guoqiang", "ACEWORK" and other trademarks have also been registered in more than 30 countries such as Madrid Treaty States. Thirdly, expand the scope and build a large market. At present, there are 45 electric tool export enterprises and more than 60 indirect export enterprises in this city. On the basis of consolidating the traditional markets of Western Europe, South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia, these enterprises also split up the emerging markets of North America, Australia, Nordic Europe and Africa.

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