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Yongkang, hardware tools industry bases in China

One of the obvious characteristics of China's hardware tools industry is the industrial clustering development. With the development and progress of social economy, this industrial cluster will be more prominent. Let's follow the distribution of hardware tools products and the development of these clusters in the future through a brief introduction of several representative hardware industry clusters in China's hardware tools industry.

Yongkang, Zhejiang

Yongkang City, located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, is a well-known distribution center of China's hardware tools products at home and abroad. It is known as the saying that "hardware craftsmen walk in all directions, and prefectures and counties are not separated from Yongkang". In recent years, the pace of transformation and upgrading of Yongkang hardware industry has been increasingly vigorous, "Yongkang hardware" (Yongkang has nearly 10,000 hardware and machinery enterprises, and produces more than 20,000 products in seven categories, such as hardware tools, daily hardwares and building hardwares. More than 1,200 products have been exported, and more than 200,000 hardware practitioners have been employed, making Yongkang the largest "hardware production base" in China. It was awarded one of mark of Zhejiang province and the title of "Brand Base of China Hardware". Led by Yongkang (including Wuyi and Shaoyun) , hardware industry belt has been listed in the demonstration zone of transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang Credit Industry Cluster.

Yongkang also is the China's largest hardware exporting supply base, the largest power tools production base, the largest scooters production base, the largest insulation cups production base. Yongkang has successfully held several China Hardware Exhibitions, relying on the unique industrial advantages of "China Hardware City", committed to building a modern hardware manufacturing base. Yongkang's economic strength lies in industry, hardware, private enterprises and science and technology in future.

On the other hand, Yongkang is situated between Wuyi and Jinyun on the map. This natural geographical pattern has created close economic ties among the three places. At present, there are more than 15,000 hardware manufacturing enterprises in these three adjacent counties (cities), which have become the largest hardware production base and distribution center in China.

The "depression effect" naturally brings Wuyi and Jinyun into Yongkang Hardware Economic Circle. An industrial cluster that breaks the administrative boundaries and links with "hardware" will make Yongkang's industrial radiation ability more prominent in the central and western parts of Zhejiang Province, because there are many mountains and few lands, Yongkang's industrial land has been very scarce. In recent years, the local government has actively joined hands with Wuyi and Jinyun to develop Yong-Wu-Jin Hardware Industry Cluster with Yongkang as its core. Since 2001, nearly 1,000 Yongkang enterprises with good growth have moved to the surrounding areas. According to statistics, 70% of enterprises in Jinyun Industrial Park come from Yongkang's gradient transfer, while 80% of enterprises in Wuyi come from Yongkang. This "spillover effect" does not worry Yongkang people. The local government has proposed that it is an important exploration of innovative industrial development model to guide the appropriate transfer of industries and explore the development of borrowed land.

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